Monday, April 28, 2014

Emvin Cremona's paintings

Angel in dome of Annunciation, Balzan church
My favorite artist has become over the past few years the Maltese artist Emvin Cremona. I have shared a few of his sacred art paintings from various churches. Here are a few from two of the churches in Malta where his artistry is spread out across the ceiling for everyone to admire. The first one is from the church in Balzan, with an image of an Angel, and another one shows a section of the smaller dome and side paintings. 
Section of the same church in Balzan
The second church is the one dedicated to St Cajetan in Hamrun and shows Christ the teacher in the apse, and a detail of the same image. I have six photos of paintings of his in my office, and everyone who sees them is attracted to his style. I guess I’m getting them hooked  on Cremona, just as I did over the last few years. While visiting my family later on in the spring, I will make it a point to photograph every remaining painting of his, some of which are in smaller churches and in private collections. (please click on each photo to see the artist's beauty in greater detail)
Apse in St Cajetan, Hamrun Church
Detail of Christ the Teacher

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